Starting your Signature treatment

What to expect at your first appointment

At Signature Orthodontics we’re sensitive to the possibility that starting orthodontic treatment may be daunting: be it for you or your child. 

Firstly, know that it is completely normal! Until you’ve spoken to us and we’ve had a chance to assess your case, there are a number of unknowns: type and length of treatment, costs and the potential outcomes.

The best way to become quickly informed is to take the first step and call us to make an appointment. 

From the very first visit, you’ll be in the hands of one of our orthodontic experts. They’ll evaluate the development of your teeth and the position of your jaw, bite and facial profile. 

They’ll discuss your objectives and what courses of orthodontic treatment are most likely to provide the best outcomes while suiting your lifestyle. 

Following assessment and discussion, we’ll provide a written quote for you. You can take this home to review or if you’re ready to start we’ll be able to schedule an appointment to begin the process while you’re with us. 

Beautiful teeth with Signature care

When visiting Signature Orthodontics you can rest assured our expert orthodontists have your best health and interest in mind. Richard and Linda’s years of experience in practice, consulting and research make them an excellent choice for getting the most from your orthodontic treatment. 

From the boost in confidence of a beautiful smile to the numerous health benefits, it all begins with a first appointment. 

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