Orthodontics for children
(Early intervention)

Childhood is a key time in development on every front and health of their teeth and jaws are no exception.

It can be a uniquely beneficial time for them to receive advice which can help break bad habits which in turn can reduce impact on their future health. In some cases they will also benefit from early intervention treatments, preparing their jaws for the growth of adult teeth. 

Bringing your child for a consultation can allow one of our specialists to observe their developing teeth and jaw. Depending on the situation we can intervene if necessary or plan ahead for future checks and treatment. 

Regardless of the details, from the time you speak to us, you’ll have peace of mind that comes from knowing your child’s teeth and jaw health is in excellent hands. 

Common questions from parents

What age is the right age to bring in my child?

We typically see children from 7 years of age, especially if their dentist is beginning to express concerns about alignment. If you as a parent are in doubt, you don’t need a referral, you can simply give us a call to discuss your options. 

How much does orthodontics cost for children?

Our initial consult fee is $145.00, from there we’ll discuss the options and costs of any further treatment. It can be helpful to think of early interventions as insurance - it may prevent longer treatments being required later in life. 


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