Orthodontic treatments for teens

The adolescent years are uniquely formative in terms of growth and development. The pubertal growth spurt is a significant time for the initiation of some appliances to guide the growth of the jaws, such as the Twin Block appliance. It is important in some cases to see and plan a teenager’s treatment to coincide with the maximum growth spurt. 

Treatment options

Are you/your teen worried about how braces will look? 

We use 3M Victory Series traditional braces which have a smaller bracket to other types so they fit more easily inside the lips.

Depending on your specific treatment requirements, we may also be able to offer Invisalign which are a series of clear plastic aligners which doesn’t use wires and has the benefits of being temporarily removable. 

The best place to begin is with a consultation appointment where our expert orthodontists can advise and recommend the best solution for the individual case. 

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